Fryer's Delight  (8659 views)

  • Address: 19 Theobald’s Road, London
  • Star:  Star Star Star Star Star
  • Cuisines: Fish, Fish & Chips
  • Telephone: 020 7405 4114
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12N-11pm
This Italian-run chip shop has been in business for over 40 years. Takeaway is, of course, available, but if you choose to eat in (at lunch), you should expect to share one of the five Formica-topped tables sandwiched by two-seater benches (in the evenings the place is more sparsely occupied). The menu is standard stuff. Fish cakes are indifferent, while the half chicken is a magnificent meaty specimen - but this place really is all about the fish. Fillet of cod may not have been the biggest serving, but the fish was superb: clearly fresh, chunky, firm and thinly coated in the lightest and most flavoursome batter. Fish is cooked 'skin-on' and a request to have it removed was declined by the waitress, but accepted by the cook. Chip butty aficionados, take note: the doorstep bread and butter makes construction tricky - a roll is a better choice. Proudly displaying an old newspaper cutting declaring it to be the third-best chippy in the UK, the Fryer's Delight is still a contender.
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Location of Fryer's Delight
19 Theobald’s Road, London
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