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Gaucho restaurant is a sexy Argentinean steakhouse in London that is popular with the local business lunch set, and carnivorous connoisseurs. With its luxe mix of chandeliers, black and white cowhides and well-hung Churrasco cuts of beef, Gaucho not far from London Bridge station - is the perfect place for business lunches and events and a sexy spot for dates. Stunning views are framed by Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the modern architecture of More London. Start your meal in the sumptuous lounge bar for a relaxing drink before moving into Gauchos ultrachic dining room. The meat-centric menu at Gaucho also has an excellent range of veggie and seafood dishes, and the Argentinean flavours are complimented by a variety of hand-picked boutique wines mainly from Argentina. This super-stylish restaurant is a chic spot to linger over lunch, and the menu is guaranteed to impress.
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Location of Gaucho Grill Tower Bridge
2 More London Riverside , London SE1 2AP , England
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