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With a combination of delicious food, great wines and a real ambience, Café Rouge has embodied the style and je ne sais quoi of French dining since it opened way back in 1989. Now with over 90 sites across the country it's just the place to mull over the morning papers with a cafe au lait and a croissant, pop in for a spot of lunch, share a post-work drink or relax over an evening meal. The menu covers a range of French classics from croques and baguettes, ideal for a quick and easy snack, to more substantial fare such as steak frites and boeuf bourguignon. Likewise, the wines are predominately French; many made by lesser known producers, and provide the perfect accompaniment to the food on offer. No hassle, no rush, no skinny- decaff-double-shot-to-go, just a vibrant atmosphere that moves with your moods throughout the day.
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Location of Cafe Rouge - Highgate
6-7 South Grove, Highgate , London N6 6BP , England
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