The Real Greek - Bankside  (8485 views)

Ideally located next to the Globe Theatre and near to the Tate Modern, this popular restaurant serves fresh, authentic mezedes, souvlakis and sharing platters to its buzzing clientele on the banks of the River Thames. Perfect for sightseers and Londoners themselves who fancy a spot of Mediterranean dining, The Real Greek prides itself in providing a wide variety of the finest quality cuisine, based around the concept of Greek 'street food'. You can opt to dine in the outdoor dining area or prop yourself up against the sleek industrial interior of the restaurant itself - a venue suitable for both business and pleasure. This restaurant attracts the attention of anyone walking past and invites you to enjoy a genuine Greek dining experience here!
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Location of The Real Greek - Bankside
Units 1-2 | Riverside House , London SE1 9HA , England
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