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Sometimes the best restaurants are the most unlikely. The Strands India Club slots very firmly in to this category. Beloved by many this unassuming spot is found up two lengthy flights of stairs above the Strand Continental Hotel and cant be said to have the most contemporary or striking dcor. But, overlooking the bustling street the yellow painted room is clean, plain and comfortable, the staff accommodating and the atmosphere always lively. Its the food though that really gives the India Club its reputation. Cheaper than it should be possible to find in the West End, dishes are so much more authentic than your average curry house, flavoursome and hearty, the curries brought to Britain in the very first wave of Indian immigration, served in the very first Indian restaurants and the very first to capture our hearts.
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Location of The India Club Restaurant
Hotel Strand Continental, 143 The Strand | 143 Strand , London WC2R 1JA , England
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