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Patties might rule the menu here, but the experience of dining at Haché is closer to that of an urbane modern restaurant than a burger bar. The interior is chic and intimate; the glow of hanging candelabra and mirrored wall panels soften the dark wooden furniture and beams to create a surprisingly romantic mood. The attention of the young staff varied, but this was soon forgotten when a glass of tart real lemonade and a creamy vanilla milkshake arrived. Prime Scotch beef is used in the burgers, and the range of combinations is lengthy and innovative - roasted red pepper and goat's cheese, say, or portobello mushroom and basil pesto. Cooked to tender perfection, they're served on floury ciabatta or brioche, with generous sides of skin-on chips or sweet potato frites. Alternatives include burgers made with fish, chicken, lamb and even crispy duck, as well as several vegetarian falafel burgers, and salads. Pricing is very reasonable considering the premium ingredients and restaurant-standard cooking.
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24 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
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