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Thirty years ago, when Rick Stein opened a restaurant the likes of which north Cornwall had never seen before, he little thought he was creating an empire. Now you can eat your way around a plethora of Stein establishments in Padstow, but the Seafood Restaurant remains the jewel in the crown. The decor is as simple as the cooking on offer, & there’s quality running through the entire operation, although execution is not always as consistent as the high prices demand. Kick off with oysters, perhaps teamed with hot spicy sausages, a shared tureen of fish & shellfish soup, or even a platter of fruits de mer, before progressing to Singapore chilli crab, Dover sole with sea salt & lime, or perhaps a classic cod, chips & tartare sauce. Lots of white, unsurprisingly, on the wine list, which has plenty at under £35, & plenty for bigger spenders.
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Location of Seafood Restaurant
Riverside, Padstow, Cornwall
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