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The warm glow emanating from little Premises comes partly from the decor (ethnic instruments, prettily jewelled, multicoloured lampshades, signed photos of the likes of Guillemots, Terry Callier and, er, Charlotte Church), partly the service (quick and winningly relaxed) and partly the contrast (have you seen Hackney Road on a wet Saturday?). Attached to a music studio (hence the pics), the café does Med-slanted bistro fare by night, and fry-ups, sausage 'n' mash, jacket tatties and omelettes by day. Old dears in pearls sip frothy coffee at the back, while sexy young Spaniards nibble each other's ears or roll cigarettes over an Efes and chips in the front. On warmer days, smokers take to a few pavement tables outside.
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Location of Premises Café/Bistro
209 Hackney Road, E2 8JL
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