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  • Address: 10 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1W 0LJ
  • Star:  Star Star Star Star Star
  • Cuisines: Fish, Fish & Seafood
  • Telephone: 020 7730 9022
  • Email: info@olivorestaurants.com
  • Website:
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12N-2.30pm (Sat-Sun -3pm) Mon-Sun 7-11pm (Sun -10.30pm)
  • Payment options: AmEx, MC, V
Gleaming white and uncompromisingly stark, save for a pop of colour from fresh flowers at the bar, Olivomare is intriguing. Lurking beneath its slick façade is a traditional Sardinian seafood restaurant - one of a clutch of Belgravia dining establishments from Italian owner Mauro Sanno, each with a strong reputation. The upmarket prices are indicative of the address and the provenance of ingredients, rather than the complexity of the well-considered menu. Authentic seafood, fish and pasta dishes are fuss-free, employing fresh, high-quality produce, true to the motherland's rustic roots. The likes of salty spaghetti bottarga (cured grey mullet roe), paper-thin carasau bread and the sherry-like Vernaccia di Oristano house aperitif fly the Sardinian flag. Red mullet ravioli was subtly sweetened with roasted peppers, but the pasta itself was over-resistant to the bite. Chargrilled cuttlefish, a single slab in black ink dressing, lingering and powerful, was heavier-going than anticipated. At times, the staff's coolness verged on the haughty, which marred the experience, as did the squeezed-in tables within ready eavesdropping distance of each other. Olivomare is a small restaurant with ambition, let down by its slightly brittle atmosphere.
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Location of Olivomare
10 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1W 0LJ
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