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This cheerful piscine veteran has been plying its trade in Waterloo for the best part of two decades, & its enduring appeal is apparent in the nostalgic, white-tiled interiors, welcoming service & easy-on-the-conscience seafood. Everything is ethically & sustainably sourced where possible, & diners wax lyrical about the freshness of the ingredients as well as the kitchen’s finesse when it comes to execution & presentation. Fish soup makes a ‘wholesome & belly-warming’ beginning, massive shellfish platters are available to share, & main courses can be enjoyed grilled, roasted or steamed (perhaps cod on bubble & squeak with a veal reduction) – although thick chips are reckoned to be a ‘little steep’ at £3.95. Finish with tangy lemon tart or a decadent chocolate ‘bomb’ (when it’s on). Easy-drinking whites dominate the affordable wine list.
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Location of Livebait
43 The Cut, London
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