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One of the most venerable addresses for fish in London, Richard Corrigan’s Bentley’s is very much a restaurant of two halves: a tremendously fun oyster bar/brasserie at street level, with three formal (& more ‘stuffy’) dining rooms upstairs, decked out in William Morris fabrics, teal leather & creamy wood panelling. Quality & simplicity are the kitchen’s hallmarks: crab mayonnaise or one of the capital’s better-value oyster selections, followed by Dover sole or a famous, luxury-laden fish pie. Meat & game get a big thumbs-up, too, & puds such as a ‘vast & creamy’ crème brûlée are a highlight. The food is ‘always first-rate’(if ‘a tad overpriced’), while impeccable staff are ‘some of the most welcoming in town’. Set lunches, theatre deals, breakfasts & an alfresco terrace give Bentley’s all-round appeal; classy private dining options, too. WINE LIST: This chatty list is classified by style rather than region & focuses heavily on ‘wines of the sea’. It features some interesting pairings, such as sherry and Marsala with seafood & fish, or a rosé Montepulciano with garlic mayonnaise & seafood. BEST BUY WHITE 2008 Sportoletti, Assisi Grechetto, Umbria, Italy, £31. BEST BUY RED 2007 Lyeth, L Merlot, Sonoma County, California, USA, £38. Wine List Of The Year A lot of good stuff in here. Wines are separated out (wines of the sea/Sauvignon Blanc/honeyed and aromatic), with a mix of stylistic, varietal and regional – and it really works. Loads by the glass, cleverly chosen for the seafood-driven cuisine. Good to see sherries given their own page as well.
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Location of Bentley's
11-15 Swallow Street, London
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