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Pat ‘Pop’ Newland & his family have been dishing out fish & chips in the East End since 1945 & their current home is something of a local icon, complete with a restored 50s’ jukebox & white-tiled walls. But this paean to the good old days has lost none of its proper skills over the years, & can still deliver ‘fab, moist & tasty’ fish coated in the ‘lightest & tastiest batter’. Starters include the inevitable jellied eels, while the fish (sourced from Peterhead in Scotland) can also be grilled or fried in groundnut oil. If seafood isn’t your thing, get stuck into one of their chicken or steak pies, & round it all of with Cartmel sticky toffee pudding. Poppies is also handy if you fancy some post-pub grub.
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Location of Poppies of Spitalfields
6-8 Hanbury Street, London
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